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Concrete Bunker Doors (Bunker Hill, Los Angeles)

2009, synthetic polymer on canvas on wooden frame, 15 cm x 310 cm x 118 cm, private collection - Sweden



Installation from the exhibition Big Painting, Fraser Studio's, Sydney 2009
Below the streets of towns and cities throughout the world are the forgotten spaces of civil defence bunkers. Some are left over from WWII and others from
the Cold War. Exploring margins of the city, one comes across overgrown and heavily reinforced doorways leading to some subterranean world of unknown
design and use. Three of these fortified doorways from different cities of the world were recreated in trompe l’oeil and stretched over wooden frames. They
were painted with all their accumulated dirt and rust of time. These works, presented in an old warehouse, grow out of the ancient building, crudely attached
to the fabric of the walls and floor. They act like strange fortified portals to abandoned stories from our past.