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Book of Tsiolkovsky

2011, synthetic polymer on canvas, 145 cm x 105 cm

Three Kings


Tsilkovsky, Oberth and Goddard are considered the founding fathers of Rocket science. Tisilkovsky, was a provincial Russian maths teacher, who in the late 1800's
postulated some of the earliest theories of space flight, He worked out the escape velocity required for a rocket to leave earth gravity. Goddard built and flew
many early rocket designs around the town of Roswell in New Mexico, although ridiculed by the American media at the time. Oberth was the main influence on the
German engineers of the V2 rocket and later the Apollo space program, notably Wernher von Braun. These paintings are copies of the front covers of obscure theoretical
works from each man. They form a triptych of unlikely hero's. Space travel has sometimes been called the last great adventure of the Victorian Age.